Thursday, April 12, 2018

Why do I need an attorney in my divorce case? I can find the forms online!!!

No one likes paying an attorney to represent them.  We'd rather use our hard earned money to start our life over, new furniture, rent, moving expenses, etc..... 

However, I'm often surprised when I see in Court people trying to do their own divorce, especially where there are custody issues, child support issues or property issues.  I'm sure these folks think they are saving money, especially when most courts will help them fill out the necessary forms.  So why get an attorney?

If you are a young, without kids or money, sure, try to do your own divorce.  You may run into paperwork hassles, but if you put the effort in, you can do it.   If you have a longer term marriage, however, an attorney's assistance is important.

An attorney can help you get the needed information to make sure that all marital assets are disclosed.  When relationships go sideways, one of the first things people do is to move and hide money.  An attorney will know the law in regard to child support.  There are numerous issues in the child support worksheet other than just income.  An attorney will know ALL of the items which should be in an accurate worksheet, especially daycare costs and health insurance costs.  Think about this....if an attorney finds an $200.00 difference it could mean $2,400.00 a year.  If your child is twelve years old it could mean a $14,400.00 difference.

Why do we work so hard?  Most of us to provide a better life for our children.  An attorney can make sure your child has the best possible custody arrangement for your situation.  The days of cook book visitation (every other weekend) are over.  Both parents typically work so expanded visitation is common.

Property division is another important issue you need a lawyer to address.  Making sure that your pre-marital property is awarded to you  and making sure you know of ALL the assets to be divided is crucial.